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Lead Generation

Smart inbound marketing campaigns that generate qualified leads and nurture sales opportunities. Let us make it easy for you to convert your prospects into loyal customers by providing you with a lead generation campaign that seamlessly engages your audience, and guides them through the purchase funnel.

Relationship Marketing

Curiosity-provoking strategies that nurture leads and encourage long-term engagement with your product or service. We help you to better connect with your target audience by designing information and crafting campaign offers that relate to specific wants and needs. Emotional connections powered by thoughtful execution.

Awareness Marketing

A multi-faceted approach that will strengthen brand engagement with your prospects and customers. Through market segmentation, customized marketing messages, and stronger visibility, together we will build a better brand experience for your audience. Helping your brand to become a lifestyle ‘must-have’.


“Increasingly, the mass marketing is turning into a mass of niches.”

— Chris Anderson

Our Marketing Campaigns
Facebook Marketing

Need some inspiration for your Facebook Marketing? We create powerful, targeted Facebook campaigns that are customized to suit the unique identity and character of your business. Inspire your audience with an irresistible offer and smart Call-To-Action strategy that captures leads, boosts engagement and converts leads into customers.

Facebook Retargeting

Let us re-capture your web visitors with retargeting advertising. Increase your chances to engage, convert and drive sales with Facebook audience and conversion pixels. Facebook retargeting campaigns achieve measurable results for any quantity of website traffic.

Email Campaigns

Boost sales and establish customer loyalty with our effective email marketing campaigns. Email marketing yields a potential ROI of up to 4,300%. Win more quality clients with an email campaign, and most importantly, repeat clients. Let us help you to increase your customer base and the lifetime value of each customer through consistent messaging.

QR Code Marketing

Drive conversions with Qr code advertising. Capture leads from any target location. We will help you to engage your target consumer with a QR code marketing campaign that is integrated with a mobile optimized landing page.

Coupon Advertising

Target a specific market segment with advertising coupons. Marketing offers and coupon promotions encourage customer retention while attracting new customers. Stay competitive while creating a continuous marketing stream.


Accelerate business growth through upselling & cross selling. Our campaigns help you to provide more value to your customers, build deeper relationships that encourage loyalty, and efficiently multiply your sales revenues.

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Contact us at contact@iadmedia.com if you have any questions about how we can help you with your niche marketing campaigns.