Our Process - IAdMedia - Expanding Your Marketing Objectives
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How your marketing objectives could be off the scale!

Step 1 Observing

Through careful analysis we identify where you should invest your time, and your marketing budget. We observe which types of activities yield the best results.

Step 2 Calculating

Wouldn’t it be great if you could clearly identify how much revenue has been generated from each of your marketing campaigns? We help our clients to resolve complex marketing issues by monitoring MROI (marketing return on investment).

Step 3 Substantiating

By demonstrating and validating those marketing activities that prove most effective, we balance organizational constraints with easy tools and techniques that deliver results.

Step 4 Optimizing

By carefully monitoring your marketing campaigns we are able to capture critical performance data in relation to offers, content, and buyer motivations. We use this data to optimize campaigns and improve customer conversion rates.

How your marketing objectives could be off the scale!

-Determine a course of action to identify upfront what the KPIs for the marketing activity will be

-Pinpoint the most effective way for you and your team to manage and nurture leads

-Focus on high performing communication channels and make them hugely efficient

-Leverage your existing strengths to define achievable, actionable goals

-Deliver consistent results across search, mobile, social, and content using growth-hack methods


Our Marketing Process

Like business leaders do, you are probably researching the best marketing techniques to grow your customer base, or upsell and cross sell to your current customers.

Today, the evolution of digital and interactive marketing has made marketing less of an event, and more of a scientific, quantifiable process. Unlike traditional marketing methods, the scope of new marketing tools and techniques can prove an administrative challenge to even the most experienced business leaders.

iAd Media is in the business of resolving complexities through decisive action.

How do we do this?

  • We observe, we calculate, we substantiate, we optimize
  • We empower our clients to make smart marketing decisions
Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work

How we standout

You might be wondering, what exactly stands out about our service compared to another direct response marketing company? As customer insight specialists, we meticulously analyze your conversion marketing patterns, and we tell you exactly what they mean to your business in real terms. We won’t bombard you with fancy, colorful charts camouflaging streams of data that will keep you up all night.

Just factual, clear insights – and how we can make them really work in your favor. We transform customer insights into useful information that can positively influence your marketing objectives, and will greatly benefit your target market.

“Data driven marketing centers on marketing metrics and marketing analytics, the first being the challenge, the second – the solution”. Kevin Hwang

At iAd Media we utilize a data-driven marketing methodology because we categorically understand that it is key to scaling business growth.