About Us - IAd Media - Marketing Agency Based In Las Vegas
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About Us

iAd Media

iAd Media is a direct response marketing agency based in Las Vegas. Direct response marketing ensures that a target audience receives relevant, focused messaging that prompts a response. Due to the well-researched and precise nature of direct response marketing, it provides measurable results that serve to boost marketing performance levels. This means that you can clearly see the return-on-investment, in contrast with certain other marketing activities. Through Relationship Marketing, Lead Generation and Brand Marketing we leverage our clients’ unique qualities and strengths to create customized, and powerful direct response marketing campaigns.

When a potential client makes contact with iAd Media they will often ask a question like –

“How can we drive revenue quickly and measurably with direct marketing results, but without the headache of integrating new technologies?” You can drive revenue quickly and measurably by launching an innovative direct-response marketing campaign that removes any hurdles to response. This involves making it very clear to the consumer what action needs to be taken to avail of your offer, and providing multiple ways to respond.

A clear, straight-forward and memorable process for your consumer to follow, all without the need for complex technology. Through developing and implementing direct response marketing campaigns at iAd Media, we help our clients to maximize the cost-efficiency of their marketing spend.

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